Friday, September 27, 2013

Bee and his names

So while laying in bed the other night bee looks and me and says I have named our implements.  I turn to me and give him this what the hell look and start laughing.  Bee can be so funny and that is one of the reason I want this man as mine for the rest of my life. So, after I stopped laughing I look at him and said "oh really care to share"?  This is what I got told.
Now I have very different names for these.  Bee can be very creative. I asked him why the names and he said this way if we are out and I miss behave then all he say to do is say the implements' name and I know what he means lol. Got to love HOHs


  1. oh that is too funny. is this a subtle mention of the implements name or something more humorous like "woody says he misses you" :-P

  2. Love it! Wait, wait, he forgot the belt! lol