Thursday, April 23, 2015

So, as I hit here to night trying to find what to write about and how to start my blogging again, I have decide to just write what ever comes to mind from my heart so here goes....

As I have said earlier  this month we have had a lot going.  The things we have had going on have been great and some not so great.  The ups and downs have caused a lot of different feelings about dd and all that comes with it.  The feelings of being love, safe, needed, and so close it is like we are one are great.  On the other hand when things are not so good the feelings of being alone, unwanted, unneeded, and unloved really hurts.  If has pushed me more than once to think about forgetting the whole thing.  Then here comes another up time and I know I can't live with out dd.  So, the question then came to me how does one deal with the ups and downs. 

Well I have been thinking and thinking of an answer to this question for almost a year and it hit me like a ton of bricks today.  I have been helping a couple that is very close to me for a while now.  They are having martial issues and I know in my heart they are meant to be together but life have thrown them so many curve balls it is not funny.  Anyways, the point I am trying to get at is, one has to take what they can get.  DD and real life don't always if every follow the same path. So, most of you already know that it feels like a game when it is an off and one again thing. So, I know for me I was always waiting for the game to end again instead of living the game up while it was being played.  When I kept waiting for the game to end I missed the best times filled will love and closeness and understanding.  So, now I have to wonder if I had not be waiting for the game to end, if I could have filled up my needs and it would have held me over while we was in between games. 

The point is that dd is hard and the real world does and will get in the way, but if we enjoy what we have when life allows it then maybe it wont be so hard when life gets in the way.  Sometimes as an TIH we forget that our HOH's have a lot going on and that they can't always take care of it all in a days time.  When they can't take care if it all does not mean they don't care or can't handle it, it just means they are human and as there TIH we need to remind them we are there waiting for our HOH to come back.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

There has been a lot going on in my life over the last year.  My sister got married, had my cute little nephew, but has some health issues which takes a lot of our time, my Mil moved in wit us, and  I am still in school only two semesters left and I will have my ASS in Science.  It has been crazy but we are making it.  There has been up and downs and even a time with no DD.  But I am happy to say we are getting back in track.  I do want to say I am sorry of not posting in a long time.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


I wanted to stop by and say sorry my next post on respect has not made it. Bee was in a car wreak this week and has stopped my writing. Bee is fine and my next post will be up by wed.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Part one of RESPECT

Over the next few weeks I and going to be doing a mini series on Respect.  Respect can mean so many things.  I am going to take each letter of the word respect and putt meaning to it that falls in a dd life and how each word means respect its self.
To me the letter R in respect stands for Reverence. In dd the amount of love you have for one another is over the top. There are not words to explain to someone how it feels.  Reverence a profound feeling of love.  I know I loved bee from day one but nine years later I have found reverence. A love I did nit know was there till dd.
With each day my love and respect for Bee grows more and more. Having respect has helped me with my temper, my month, and my self esteem.
My Temper is no more. I have more self control and Bee is there to back me up. Well ben me over if need be (ha ha). He helps more with stuff and that also helps with my temper.
My mouth is way better. I used to say what I wanted when I waned and it did not matter who was there or where I was. This also included Bee. I hate him a lot because of this and tore us apart. Now I think before I act cause I have respect.
My self esteem is higher cause of the deep love I get from Bee.  It has allowed me to make new friends and help them and it has allowed me to see I am pretty in side and out just like a butterfly.  I am even returning back to school. Not done that in ten years cause did not think I could. Did not think is was smart enough. Now I know I can do it.
SO R in stands for Reverence a deep profound love to me.
What dose R stand for to u?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I am still here

First I want to say I am sorry I have been gone for so long. I have been super crazy busy. I have been living at my mil house most nights taking care of our friend with cancer.  I just want to drop in and let my reader know how thankful I am to have you all and that I had not ran off and left you all.  I am going to be doing a series of blogs that will go hand in hand together over the next few weeks.  Now the blogs are going to ask for you help and I would love to see what you all think.  The first will be up by Sat Nov 23, 2013. And one each sat after till I am done. plz keep a look out for these.  I once again want to thank you for your time and your reading of my blog

Wednesday, October 2, 2013



Since this is the month of Oktoberfest, some friends have come up with a new spanking version of Oktoberfest. They are calling it Spanktoberfest.

The way to play the game is that the Hoh has to spank his or her Tih at least once a day until the end of the month.

You're invited to post your achievement, then drop Bob a line at and tell him how many spankings you've gotten.

He will post the stats once a week until the end of the month. 

My husband's game, so I'm in. Let the festivities begin!

School Time

Well as some of you know I have decide to go back to school. For those who do not know I am going back for get this...
I am going to be a marriage counselor.
I took the first step in this walk of life this past Monday.  I am working on getting all the red tape broke though.  I was in school once and had a lot of thing hit me at once and I just stop going. I know the worse thing I could have ever done now I have to fight to get back in school.  I will be writing an apples letter to do this.  I have been thinking for a few days about this letter. I has brought up a lot of feelings I thought I had dealt with but I guess I have not.
The reason I am blogging about this is cause dd has helped me find what I want to do and given me the strength to go for it.  It has done this by showing me I am a real person I can make improvements to my life.
Any ways I was kinda looking for a sign the other if this is what I should do with my life.  While I was sitting and thinking I was looking up picture for my blog and I came across this one that I will share in just a min, but it was my sign no doubt about it.
so here is my sign
I know it is hard to see but on the wall it says marriage counselor