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 I am butterfly. My head of household (HOH) is bumblebee.  We have been married for nine years, together for ten, and in DD for a year. The last year has been the best out of all of it, due to DD.  We would be in court fighting over kids and looking at each other wanting to know what happened.  Well, let me tell you what a happened this butterfly was not nice and was mean and walked all over  her bumblebee and made he feel worthless. I was tried of it all and went on the hunt for a way to be a pretty butterfly again.  We then found DD. I loved the idea to letting bumblebee lead. We talk, set our rules, and began down a path of a life time filled with love, caring, talking, listening, and the deepest love one can ever know. I have fallen in love ten time deeper since DD. It is a love one never knew was there till they try to reach for it.  Now, you wonder why butterfly and bumblebee? It is what we call each other.  A butterfly is quite pretty no matter how big, how small, how young, or how old the same way a submissive wife is. A bumblebee woks his wings off taking care of his queen and knowing what she wants and needs. A bumblebee also carries a sting when needed.  The same as an HOH. I would love to invite you to walk with us and learn how you to can feel this feeling called
                                                                     TRUE LOVE.

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