Saturday, November 23, 2013

Part one of RESPECT

Over the next few weeks I and going to be doing a mini series on Respect.  Respect can mean so many things.  I am going to take each letter of the word respect and putt meaning to it that falls in a dd life and how each word means respect its self.
To me the letter R in respect stands for Reverence. In dd the amount of love you have for one another is over the top. There are not words to explain to someone how it feels.  Reverence a profound feeling of love.  I know I loved bee from day one but nine years later I have found reverence. A love I did nit know was there till dd.
With each day my love and respect for Bee grows more and more. Having respect has helped me with my temper, my month, and my self esteem.
My Temper is no more. I have more self control and Bee is there to back me up. Well ben me over if need be (ha ha). He helps more with stuff and that also helps with my temper.
My mouth is way better. I used to say what I wanted when I waned and it did not matter who was there or where I was. This also included Bee. I hate him a lot because of this and tore us apart. Now I think before I act cause I have respect.
My self esteem is higher cause of the deep love I get from Bee.  It has allowed me to make new friends and help them and it has allowed me to see I am pretty in side and out just like a butterfly.  I am even returning back to school. Not done that in ten years cause did not think I could. Did not think is was smart enough. Now I know I can do it.
SO R in stands for Reverence a deep profound love to me.
What dose R stand for to u?


  1. butterfly I'm so excited you're doing this. I missed the chat topic and this was an area i really wanted to dig into for a deeper understanding/awareness. looking forward to the rest.

  2. Think u I am also going to do the words trust and love and how they all are related