Sunday, September 22, 2013

On High

Well life is great at the times being.  The little things are back. The control I am wanting is there. The love in each other eyes is deeper than ever.  We have a great time last night. We went out dancing and spent a great night with some of our friends.  With that being said the road that we are about to walk down is really going to test us for sure.  A friend of ours more like family is needs us now more than ever. His mom has been fighting breast cancer for two years now and all was going great till last week.  They have now found four brain tumors. One is the size of a golf ball. They are going in this week to remove it. He has ask us to be there with him.  I helped raise the man when we was just a little kid.  It is hard for me to sit and watch him go though this.  I know there is not much I can do but be there for him and have open arms when needed. I love this man like he was my brother and I would do any thing for him. 
 The reason I say this is a road that is going to be testing us is cause feeling are going to be running high. Bee has to work a lot this week and travel so long days.  I just hope and pray that the love and dominance I get in between will keep me in line.  Bee is closer to this friend than me and like I said I helped raise him so that should tell you how close bee and him are.  So bee is going to be off and not on his game and I have to try to remember this. 
So for now I am enjoying the high in our life and getting ready for the low.  I know that it will come but at the same time what goes up must come down they say. I believe what goes down must come up.
So for my readers that pray plz send some our way this week we are going to need them and I will try to keep you posted.  I know this blog is about dd in our life but I have came to realize that dd is our life not part of it so everything is that happens is subject for my blog. 


  1. positive thoughts for your family. I think this is absolutely subject for your blog. keeping in line during these times is such a struggle.

    1. ty so much I was hoping the ppl who read my blog would see it that way. I took a leap of faith in doing this post.

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    1. Ty so much. As the day gets closer the more up tight I get.

    2. Ty so much. As the day gets closer the more up tight I get.

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