Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oh how i wish...

She is standing in the kitchen when he get home from work. He walks in and she gives him a kiss and asked how his day was as she starts to get his dinner on the table.  He knows her routine and wait for her get go to the cabinet to get his plate out.  When she dose this he walks up behind her closes the door to the cabinet and pushes her up against it with his body while taking her hands and placing them above her head.  He leans in a whisper in her ear in the most firm tone she has ever heard come out of his month "do not move those hands young lady or you will pay with your ass".  She melts instantly. All she wants to do is turn around and grab a hold of him and give he the deepest kiss she every has.  She also is wanting to know were this is going so she dose not move.  He starts running his hands up and down her body stop at the places he know she loves being touched.  He pay close attention to her breast. The then moves down to her bottom.  Out of now were he lays a nice firm swat on that bottom. She gulps and tries not to move. It feels so nice and she is feeling so submissive.  He lays a few more swats down just enough to have her begging for more and enough to her know just who is in control.
He then out of no where spins her around and pins her once again up against the cabinet looks straight in to her eyes and tell her she will give him complete submissive no questions asked.  I puts he lips to her ear and says" you will not talk unless told to.  You will not move not matter what. You will answer me with sir before and after your answers do you understand me"? she simply replays yes already forgetting sir. He looks at her with a look that make her want to fall to her knees but she stays still. He turns her around and give her three hard swats. "What did you forget to say young lady". She answer "sir I forgot to say sir sir". He give her a smile and says "that is my good girl." He takes her in to his arms and hugs her so tight and kisses her so deeper. "Are you ready to be dominated" he said?  She gives him a little smile and looking in to his eyes she simply nods her head yes and looks to the ground.
He tells her to his food and a cold drink.  She turns smiling to herself knowing he finally knows what she wants.  She gets his food and take it to him still buzzing from what happened.  She runs along finishing the last of the nightly chores when she hears that voice the makes her quake inside.  She at once is standing in from of him looking down standing quietly and waiting.  With out saying a word just reaches out and lifts her chin with his finger and says "chin level with the floor understood"?
She says "sir yes sir".  He takes her by the hand and walks her to the wall places her hands out to each side and slightly above her head.  He kisses her from her temple down to her ear on to her neck and says "I  just love that ass". He lets her have it one swat after another. She starts letting little sounds remembering the rules she  trying to stay out of trouble  so she bits her lip.
He stop and say "do not move". He leaves the room she is so tempted to move cause her are arms are starting to hurt but she wants to gave him her full submissive so she stands still.  she hear him come back in to the room and the next thing she feels to the cold hard wood of the paddle aka.  She let out a small yell and he just giggles.  He lands a for more but fore he hand cuffs her.  He then leads her over to his chair and makes her kneel in front of him. She looks up at him and he asks who is my submissive butterfly and all she dose in a very quite voice she answers "sir me sir". He tells her to raise. He helps her up and leads her to the bed room. 
Once in the bed room he strips her down and cuffs her stands with her ass out to the closet.  He asking are you ready to push the line. Before she could answer she feels the sting of the flogger across her ass she digs her nails in the closet and he keeps going all up and down her bottom,  her back, and her legs. Just little strings here and there but she can not take it any more and starts begging he gets a little harder she starts dancing around and asking for more. He then takes her to the bed and the rest is history.  

I just love stories like this oh wait it is not a story.
This is what I had done to me on the night that the dom switch turned on in my bee.


  1. Well I just learned a good lesson in not reading blogs first thing in the morning. WHEW. Very Nice "Story" Butterfly. Glad you shared, I'm always nervous to share this juicy stuff :)

    1. I look at it this way it is my blog. I was carful not to cross the line I think. I made this blog to show my readers very point in my life of dd/ds and this is part of it too. Thank you for reading hoped you liked it and to tell you the truth I was worried to write about it at first, but it is my life and I wanted to share.

    2. I'm glad you did, I did like it :) It's good to just express who you really are.

  2. Replies
    1. Lol knew u would I had fun writing it. It is nice to be able to share and not get looked down on.

    2. Lol knew u would I had fun writing it. It is nice to be able to share and not get looked down on.