Friday, September 20, 2013

The Little Things

It my last post I told you all I found what is missing.  It is what I call the little things. To me the little likes are just as important as the big things.  The little things remind us of the love and happiness. The understanding and the commitment to each other. We as tihs try hard on a daily bases to show our hohs how much we love and respect them for all they do. Sometimes we tihs need to feel the same thing with the little things. The little things to me are as followed
1. walking up behind and grab me by the waist and just holding me.
2. whispering in my ear I love you.
3. the lifting my chin to kiss me
4. the knowing when I need his loving hands or his voice that makes me melt
5. this one is my most favorite when he pulls me down in to his lap and will not let me go cause I need to be held.
All these tell me bee has me no matter what. No matter how bad I can be he still loves me and always will.
What are some of the little things that make you feel this way?


  1. all of these things....a hand on the back of the neck the gentle yet firm squeeze of my hand .....these are afew of my favorite things. lol seriously have been singing that song for weeks. the little things truly are the big things aren't they. <3

    1. yes they really are and mean more than most big stuff