Monday, September 2, 2013

when it rains it pours.

Hi again,
    Well yesterday was just great.  Not really when it rains it pours. First bumblebee went to take care of some business. I had asked him to call to make sure it could be done, but instead he drives all the way up there to find out it could not be done.  So,when he calls to let me know I snapped at him. A big no no in our house. It is a sign of disrespect. While this was going on my laptop went down for good. It locked me out of everything almost. I had work with that thing for hours. Kids were going nuts and the heat oh my lord it was so hot.  All this together drove me over broad yesterday. We also got news that a really good friend of bumblebee`s had passed away. So it was not a good day at all.
 There were many rules broke. I just knew this butterfly would be having troubles sitting today. So as we went in to our nightly talk I was a little worried.  We sat down and bumblebee says to get our folder.   Our folder has all our dd stuff broke down in it. It was our rules, my punishment reports, and all our research we have done. He starts going though our rules one by one telling me what each one means to him and why it is so important to him. After he was done I had to do the same thing.  Now I know why if I brake a rules how he truly feels.
 As I am sitting here writing this blog, I have a whole new look on our rules. My bumblebee knew just what I needed last night. It was not to be spanked but a reminder of how much we need and want this life. He knew just how to snap me out of a place that is not so submissive. This just proves to me and my reader,I hope, that dd dose work and is a new deeper kind of love.

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