Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thinking Back

Well I had to write my punishment report today for my spanking I got last week.  I should have had it done a while back and now I wish I would have.  I was feeling great today until I have to relive my miss ups from that day. I know see why bumblebee got so upset with me.  I never really realize just how bad I was that day until today.  It just proves to me who much he loves me and just how much he can put up with. My heart is sad cause of what all I did to this man the gives me the world.  He works hard, he is a great dad, an amazing husband, and the Love of My Life.  How could I be so mean to this person who cares so much? I guess we really do not know what we have till we stop and think with a clear head and see what we have truly done.  I am so great full I have this man. That he is all mine and he cares for enough to stop my behavior when needed, holds me when needed, makes me smile and laugh all the time. That he can for give me after so many hash words said. Yes all that is done after he has give me a spanking but I know in the end it is well wroth it. I feel loved, forgiven, cared for, and most of all the center of his world.  I love you bumblebee with all my heart.
This I hope lets who every reads this see that DD is a great way to live. I will help no matter what. It is hard work but every relationship  is if you really want it to work this is not different. There are ups and down and second thoughts but the out come of a true DD live is greater than any love I have ever seem of felt. It is not controlling when you want to give the love of your life the world.  What more is there to give than yourself totally. Well I am going to close for now be back soon.

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